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A Community for Customer Service People

What is Do-it-Trini
Do It Trini is a movement, with the single goal of fixing customer service. We are creating a community of passionate people, who fight for the right to good customer service EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE. The name evolved from our founders origins "Trinidad and Tobago", but TRINI really means Training | Resources | Integration | Networking | Ideas

Single goal to get rid of POOR customer service.

OUR COMMUNITY is branded as "The Customer Service Club"
We would love for you to join and participate in our community, it's FREE!



Who is this community for?

Customer Service Professionals - Business Owners - Tourism Agencies - Customer Service Trainers - Anyone Interested in Great Customer Experiences

User Features

Photo, Video sharing, blogs, forums, wiki, groups, events, friends, comment, tag, rate any kind of content, privacy and profile customization, collaboration, file sharing.
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